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LIFE 2022

Serving our contacts in Central London

21 March - 14 April 2022

What is Life 2022?

A chance for you to give your work colleagues and contacts the opportunity to hear about the life that can be found in Jesus Christ.

Why is 2022 a great year for thinking about Life?

Whether people are coming back to the office or still working from home, the events of the last two years have underlined more than ever that in Jesus we have the hope that our friends and colleagues desperately need. 

How we can be involved

Organising a breakfast, lunch, or dinner is easy. Use the checklist below to help you plan an event where your colleagues and contacts can hear about real life in Jesus.

1. Pray

2. List the people you know

3. Who should your event serve?

4. Browse resources

5. Partner with other Christians

6. Decide on a date

7. Choose the content

8. Invite

9. Plan your next steps

10. Host the event and enjoy it!

11. Report back

12. Continue the conversation

You can also see this list on 'A guide to running an event'.

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