This website comprises lunchtime talks put on by member churches of the Inner London Gospel Partnership

Launched 12 June 2019


Workers are moving to Stratford


Transport for London has several hundred people working in the Olympic Park. Last summer the Financial Conduct Authority moved 3,000 staff from Canary Wharf to E20. Cancer Research UK and the British Council will also be moving to the area in the next couple of years and many more employers are expected to follow. By the end of 2019, the new International Quarter alone is expected to be home to more than 6,000 jobs.

We are starting to build a network and there is a growing momentum behind the vision for a lunchtime ministry in Stratford - public meetings started on 12 June. Visit https://www.stratfordtalks.org for more.

If you know of people whose jobs are moving to Stratford, who already work in Stratford or who are looking to take up work in Stratford, and who share the vision for workplace ministry, please contact Jason Yallop via network@stratfordtalks.org.