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Philip Wicksteed


What did you do?

We had a Christian talk, followed by a Q&A. About seven people participated.

Would you do it again?


For our next event I hope to make more personal invitations and to plan stronger follow up.

Why did you decide to do it?

God calls every Christian to share the Gospel. And He has providentially placed me in an office of potential believers. However, I'm very aware of my own failure to take opportunities.

I knew that a small event for just my firm was the ideal way to reach people, but the obstacles seemed too great.

That all changed when I was encouraged to pick a date. When I ran my plan past some Christian colleagues their enthusiasm confirmed we should go for it!

Why did you think it was worth it?

I wouldn't say our event was a great success. Most of the seven participants were Christians - but it gave us a great opportunity to show that my faith was real. It was a wonderful time of prayer and reliance on Jesus.


Most in my firm now know that I'm a Christian - and want to share it with them! - which has provided a great focus to my attempts to share the Gospel at work.


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